Kasumi H.M. Hammered Chef’s Knife 24cm


    The Kasumi H.M. Hammered Chef’s Knife 24cm is a versatile tool that proves ideal to work on meat and vegetables. Its length offers a good performance when cutting accurate slices, while its height will prevent your knuckles from touching the cutting board.

    The H.M. Hammer Made Kasumi series is obtained from San Mai steel, whose middle layer is crafted with VG-10 steel with a high carbon content to obtain the maximum hardness. The external layers are hand-hammered to add an irregular look to the surface that will prevent the vegetables from sticking to the blade.

    The handle in POM, a polymer, is durable, easily cleanable and handy thanks to its design.

    The knife is hand-sharpened and provided with a custom engraving FOR FREE.

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