Miyabi 800DP Sujihiki 24cm


    The Miyabi 800DP Sujihiki 24cm is a classic Japanese knife, perfect for the preparation of fish in general and even of some meat cuts as well.

    The 800DP series features Sparkling Damascus steel, a unique result that creates unexpected plays of light and reflections.

    The edge of the blade is sharpened by the Honbazuke technique, which is the same used with Katanas.

    The central core of the blade is made of FC61 steel.

    The handle is made of POM, with two embedded brass foils that contribute to make it sturdy and shiny.

    The blade is made of 49 layers of sparkling FC61 steel, while the handle is made of POM, an easily cleanable polymer, and two embedded brass foils.

    The knife is hand-sharpened and provided with a custom engraving FOR FREE.

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