Tamahagane Nakiri 18cm


    The Tamahagane Nakiri 18cm features one of the most classic designs from the Japanese world. Its squared tip makes chopping and mincing all sorts of vegetables an easy task.

    The blade is formed by 3 layers of steel: the middle layer is made from sturdy VG-5 steel, while the external layers are more acid and wear resistant. The blade has been entirely forged with its core running through the whole handle.

    The first half of the blade is hammered by hand to form a series of air cushions and prevent food from sticking to it.

    The handle is obtained from black Mikarta, a mixture of cotton, linen, and resin to obtain a wood-looking result but very sturdy and durable. It is clearly waterproof and completely hygienic.

    The knife is hand-sharpened and provided with a custom engraving FOR FREE.

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